About me

Consultant of transport companies and the guide of drivers’ career. In basketball terms every player has an agent, so I offer my services to the drivers of finding the most consistent job proposal according their experience and salary expectations beneficial for both parties. Looking for the job it is not only getting the answer what is the salary per day. Details are skipped and important questions for the employer remain to be asked in future and left unanswered what leads to conflict situations. In today’s abundant supply, drivers find employment themselves without knowing the conditions. My difference from agencies and recruiters is the knowledge of the system from the inside, 15 years of experience in the 5 largest Lithuanian international transport companies, relations with carriers of various Lithuanian regions, reputation among drivers. Start right from the beginning by having your personal consultant’s advice which employer to choose, what questions to ask, how to record agreements, how to calculate fuel costs, how to avoid work problems in all freight segments.


Finding human resources and building a block of motivation tools, modeling the salary fund, analyzing variable costs for processes optimization and value creation. Participation in business growth processes of 30% – 50% per year, reduction of drivers’ change from 50% to 25%, organization and management of fuel, ad-blue and road toll procurement by generating added value, accident reduction know-how.