Insurance services

Voluntary accumulative insurance against accidents, injuries, fractures of up to 10 000 EUR in dangerous work for international drivers would guarantee the benefit during unemployment until recovery and would be an alternative to the state incapacity benefit, which is unpaid for a driver with a working visa. An action that is welcome and strengthens the employment relationship is the employer’s obligation to cover the accumulative insurance premiums for the employee. Feel safe.

Pension accumulation

Third pension pillar – a choice for those who want to accumulate independently. This is a personal account in pension funds to save and invest for the future. The employee can transfer the funds to this fund himself, but the employer, family members and others can also do the same. The assets accumulated in the pension fund are invested in accordance with the investment strategy established in the pension fund rules.

Mobile internet

With a special code received from Chauffeur’s pointer, you will receive an exclusive offer from mobile service provider for contact with family, loved ones at home, friends at the most favorable pricing for mobile data abroad.

Legal services

If there is a need to resolve the conflict in a legal way – mediation, interpretation through consultations and receiving legal support.

Income tax return and tax refund

The state helps those who are determined to accumulate independently. It offers personal income tax relief – the possibility to recover up to 300 euros per year! This can be done by declaring last year’s income.

Safe parking of own cars and storage of belongings

Partner network – will solve these problems


If the employer does not provide accommodation – we offer trust and accommodation services in partner hotels.

Work clothes, necessary items and tools

Helping drivers purchase things they need to work in Europe at affordable prices.

95 code

Initial and periodic courses at the most favorable prices

Improving driving skills, preparation for the test drive at the employer

We don’t say “No” to a novice driver. We offer the opportunity to improve your skills with a professional driving instructor before the driving test in the company, avoiding the risk of not passing it and possibility to be sent home having time and financial loses of coming to a working place.

ADR certificate

ADR courses – for drivers transporting dangerous goods (categories A1, A2, A3, A4).

Technical courses of vehicles

Visual inspection of the vehicle, acquaintance with the equipment, knowledge in operation.

Economical driving courses

Economical driving = safe driving. After theoretical and practical economic driving training, your market value will increase and the employer will want to have a professional driver in his/her team who performs transportation at minimal cost, protects himself and other road users, takes care of tehniques and strives to maintain its maximum residual value.