A package of services for those planning to go to work in Europe

Inexperience – is a major factor in the errors of many novice drivers. Inattention to objects around the car, underestimation of road and weather conditions, haste and savings of a few minutes often turn into a waste of time and sometimes have tragic consequences. Overestimation, overconfidence and ignorance of the car’s technical capabilities and dimensions are the most dangerous factors that cause huge losses. If something is unclear to the driver he should ask for help. Laziness is a major cause of minor accidents and injuries.

We offer the right way to integrate into the labor market in Europe by choosing an employer for you, providing additional services and all kinds of assistance in the employment process, as well as in professional activities.

Insurance services

Pension accumulation

Mobile internet

Legal services

Income tax return and tax refund

Safe parking of own cars and storage of belongings


Work clothes, necessary items and tools

95 code

Improving driving skills, preparation for the test drive at the employer

ADR certificate

Technical courses of vehicles

Economical driving courses